Hisarya, a resort destination for thousands of years, has long been renowned for its healing mineral springs and scenic mountain setting. Ancient Thracians were the first to discover the 50-plus degree mineral water. Later, town of Hisarya was recognized as Roman holiday resort. At various times it was called Augusta, Diocletianopolis (after emperor Diocletian) and a couple of other names. It was a famous resort even in those times.

Boutique Spa Villa Crystal is a magical place. Located between the magnificent parks “Orpheus dol” (Dingle of Orpheus) and “Momina Banya” (Maid Bath) in the foot of Sredna gora mountain, with dramatic views of the snowy peaks of Balkan Mountain This is our proposal for relaxation in the resort of Hissarya.

Privacy, mineral water, luxury accommodation, relaxation, cleansing, rejuvenation.

Spa Villa Crystal sourced mineral water for VIP suites and spa center and situated in close proximity spring “Maid Bath”. A modern playground in harmony with this fantastic world where time stops.

Escape from your busy schedule in the VIP suites of boutique spa villa Crystal for a mini spa vacation. Hide yourself for at least two nights in your favorite VIP suite, where you can enjoy an independent bath with mineral water with salts and aromatic oils and a bottle of premium wine, then you can experience the pleasure of selected spa services.

Immerse yourself in the spa with mineral water that is waiting for you.